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Athens Rome Cruise Desire Cruise, September 27 - October 4, 2025

Departing from Athens

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Set sail on an unforgettable adventure with the Desire Athens-Rome Cruise aboard the luxurious Oceania Marina Ship. This journey is an exquisite blend of romance and exploration, designed to awaken your deepest desires. Picture yourself gliding through the blue waters, experiencing the ancient beauty of Athens, the romantic cliffs of Santorini, and the mesmerizing streets of Messina and Naples, before arriving in the timeless city of Rome.

Indulge in the ship’s renowned gourmet cuisine, available around the clock, and enjoy the freedom of clothing-optional areas. As evening falls, immerse yourself in our themed parties, couples’ workshops, and let loose with international DJs. With seductive shows and an inviting playroom, your nights will be filled with exhilarating experiences.

Join Topless Travel on the Desire Athens-Rome Cruise 2025, where each day is a celebration of passion and each night a journey into fantasy. Book now and turn your dream voyage into a reality.