Mexico Discover your desires in Cancun with Topless Travel.

Bring your desires to life in Mexico with several resorts to choose from!

Ever dream of mingling amidst Mexico’s sun-kissed beaches, surrounded by likeminded couples who share your adventurous spirit? Look no further — Topless Travel brings you the best of Mexico’s adult lifestyle travel scene. Dive into an ocean of sensual experiences, from sultry beach parties to luxurious all-inclusive resorts that make your fantasies a reality.

Every night is a fiesta with dazzling festivities under the moon in Cancun or the intimate allure of a sunny secluded getaway, we’ve got an event that’s just your speed. Don’t just dream about it – be there, and bask in the lush experience that only Topless Travel can deliver.


Riviera Maya Resort

Nestled in the Bay of Petempich, Desire Riviera Maya Resort, features 114 intimate, village-style accommodations, luxe amenities and provocative entertainment, designed to bring your most desired fantasies to life.


Riviera Maya Pearl Resort

Located on the exotic beaches of Puerto Morelos, Desire Riviera Maya Pearl Resort has 88 villa-style rooms designed to provide a comfortable stay. Enjoy the provocative luxury and sensual amenities for the perfect blend of ecstasy and eroticism.

Temptation Cancun Resort

Cancun Resort

Located in Cancun’s breathtaking hotel zone, Temptation Resort is for those seeking a level of fun they’ve never experienced before! With areas where bikini tops are optional, complimented by iconic entertainment, we will provide you with freedom and tons of fun!